Sensory Path Stickers

Sensory Path Stickers by Mascot Junction can be customized with your school mascot and your PBIS theme. This way, your students will be reinforcing the positive behaviors of your PBIS program while engaging in physical and sensory activities. Another benefit is integrating the behavior expectations with your school’s culture and climate. When you use your mascot as the central role model for visually demonstrating positive behaviors, student self-relate and engage quickly.

Rope Quest™ Sensory Path Stickers portray a rope bridge with walking planks spaced out. Each plank features one of your targeted behavior expectations along with a picture of your mascot demonstrating the behavior. It’s virtually impossible to hop across the rope bridge without repeating each behavior as you go. Repetition, reinforcement and physical activity all customized with your school’s PBIS acronym and positive behaviors.

See all the Sensory Path Stickers at Each set of sensory path stickers are also die-cut so you don’t have any tedious scissor work to do. Learn more now!

Nature Rope Quest™ Sensory Path Stickers are customized with your mascot and PBIS theme.
Sensory Path Stickers by Mascot Junction are die-cut for easy installation.
Nature Quest™ 1 Sensory Path Stickers feature an exciting lava pit with a tight rope, keyboard keys for learning the alphabet and also letter position on a keyboard, along with action rocks and arrows.

PBIS Rule Posters

PBIS Rule Posters should be posted in at least eight different areas of a school, and they should feature visual examples of what targeted behaviors look like. For example, if you want students to learn to wash their hands, your restroom rules poster should feature a picture of someone washing their hands. Other visual examples of positive behavior could be throwing trash away in the proper receptacle, or holding the door for someone, or waiting patiently while respecting someone else’s privacy.

Mascot Junction specializes in custom design of PBIS Rules Posters featuring kid-friendly school mascots visually demonstrating positive behaviors.

Make your PBIS program more engaging by using your mascot to demonstrate what your targeted behaviors look like in different parts of your school.

All your students have to do is ask themself “what would my mascot do?”, and they’ll make a good choice, get a good result and end up having a good time. It’s simple, easy and a highly engaging way to teach student guiding principals they will carry with them for life. Yes – I said “for life!” We know this to be true because we did a survey and 97% of people say they remember their school mascot, and will remember it for life. The other 3% didn’t have a mascot. If they did, they would have remembered it because it is part of a person’s personal history. It’s part of what makes them who they are. That’s why we say “Once a tiger – ALWAYS a tiger.”

Our school mascot sticks with us for life because it is part of our self-identity; and it was given to us during the formative parts of our life when we are trying to figure out who we are, and how we fit into the social constructs around us.

Unfortunately, to many of us, the main purpose of our mascot was to drum up school spirit and antagonize an opposing team in a competitive sport. Just think of how it might have changed the trajectory of your life if your mascot was associated with a core value like excellence, persistence, resourcefulness, integrity, caring, kindness, respect or responsibility.

Mascot Junction is helping educators repurpose their school mascot to create a more engaging, inclusive and positive learning environment and culture. We have more than 160 kid-friendly mascots and 18,000 illustrations of them we use to custom create posters, banners and signs to help bring your PBIS program to life. Learn more at

Social Distance Floor Decals

Get social distance floor decals customized with your school mascot. We even put a mask on a kid-friendly version of your mascot, if you like. Choose from one of our 175 mascots, or have us put yours into the floor decal design.

Mascot Junction helps schools use their mascot as a teaching tool for reinforcing positive behavior (PBIS) and character education. Each of our 175 mascots has 50 to 100 illustrations of them visually demonstrating positive behavior or participating in activities related to school, holidays or sports. We our huge library of mascot illustrations to custom design and print posters, banners and signs for schools. Find YOUR mascot and learn more at

SEL Emotional Learning Posters

Emotional Learning Posters give students and educators an easy way to identify whatever emotion that is being experienced at a given moment. “Point to how you are feeling!”

Choose from more than 160 different kid-friendly school mascots.

Each poster features a kid-friendly version of your school mascot so this valuable tool integrates with your school’s culture and climate. Find your mascot at

School Covid Guidelines CDC

Based on information from CDC guidelines, these window perfs can be customized to change the mask requirement age and other language. We also customize these with your school colors and mascot or logo. Standard size is 16″ x 24″. Custom sizes and custom “total coverage” window perfs are also available to enhance security. You can see out, but outsiders can’t see in. Poster and metal sign versions also available.

Covid 19 CDC Guidelines for Schools
CDC Guidelines for schools: These posters feature safe entry instructions derived from CDC guidelines for Covid 19. Each poster is customized with the school’s mascot and colors.

Virtual Learning Posters

Virtual Learning Posters feature your school mascot and carefully crafted bullet points articulating best practices for students using distancing learning. Download a free electronic version for your own virtual learning purposes. If you want a printed, or customized version, please e-mail, and include details like size (16″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″) and quantity so we can provide you with a quote. Find your mascot’s version of the virtual learning poster by clicking here!

Virtual Learning Matrix Poster features your school mascot. Choose from 160+.
Distance Learning Poster featuring the Viking mascot.
Virtual Learning Matrix for PBIS programs featuring eagle mascot.
Virtual Learning tips for students using video conferencing.
PBIS Matrix for Virtual Learning featuring a jaguar mascot.
Virtual Learning matrix for helping students with distance learning.

PBIS Posters Banners & Signs

Getting custom designed PBIS posters, banners and signs from Mascot Junction is a great way to expedite your launch and get enthusiastic buy-in from students and staff. Each poster, banner and sign is customized with your words, your theme/acronym, your colors and your mascot. Illustrations of your mascot are used to visually demonstrate the nebulous concepts often taught in PBIS and character trait education programs. The pictures make the concepts easier to grasp and self-relatable because they feature YOUR mascot. It’s a very engaging way to promote your school’s program. Learn more about PBIS Roll Out Kits and custom PBIS Posters at

PBIS Custom Graphics

See all the new PBIS posters, banners signs and graphics from Mascot Junction in our new full line catalog. All graphics are customized with your words, your acronym, your colors and your mascot. Whether your school has a PBIS program or teaches character traits and core values, Mascot Junction can help make your program more fun, engaging and effective. Learn more about PBIS Roll Out Kits at

PBIS Poster Catalog

See all the new posters, banners and signs from Mascot Junction to support your school’s PBIS or Character Education program. The 2019 catalog is online right now, and features exciting new products like Word Cloud Posters, Feel Good Posters, Hanging Ceiling Signs and more!

PBIS Poster Catalog

Download our new catalog at

PBIS Posters – New Designs

Bring your PBIS program to life with posters, banners and signs that are customized for your school. Send Mascot Junction your matrix, and we’ll design and print PBIS rules posters for the different areas of your school, along with a full matrix, acronym/theme banners and other items to help you create an engaging school climate around your PBIS program.

School Posters Banners Signs

PBIS posters, banners and signs are custom designed for each school and feature a kid-friendly version of their mascot.

The sample shows features our bulldog mascot, but we also have more than 135 other kid-friendly mascots. See if you can find yours at The kid-friendly mascots are designed for elementary and middle schools. We also have cool/edgy graphic logos for high schools, with older students. Each mascot has clip art sets featuring more than 80 illustrations of the mascot doing activities related to school, sports, holidays, positive behavior and character traits.

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe Matrix

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe is a common theme for many PBIS schools. Mascot Junction designs custom posters for schools around their PBIS theme. Common PBIS themes include SOAR, ROAR, PAWS, PRIDE and Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe. This poster features a cartoon bee character, however Mascot Junction can also design posters that feature your school mascot as the role model, demonstrating each positive behavior. Mascot Junction has more than 120 kid-friendly mascots and more than 80 illustrations of each one for designing posters and banners like this. Overall, there are more than 10,000 illustrations in the Mascot Junction clip art library.

PBIS Matrix

Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe are brought to life with Mascot Junction’s cartoon bee character.