PBIS Rule Posters

PBIS Rule Posters should be posted in at least eight different areas of a school, and they should feature visual examples of what targeted behaviors look like. For example, if you want students to learn to wash their hands, your restroom rules poster should feature a picture of someone washing their hands. Other visual examples of positive behavior could be throwing trash away in the proper receptacle, or holding the door for someone, or waiting patiently while respecting someone else’s privacy.

Mascot Junction specializes in custom design of PBIS Rules Posters featuring kid-friendly school mascots visually demonstrating positive behaviors.

Make your PBIS program more engaging by using your mascot to demonstrate what your targeted behaviors look like in different parts of your school.

All your students have to do is ask themself “what would my mascot do?”, and they’ll make a good choice, get a good result and end up having a good time. It’s simple, easy and a highly engaging way to teach student guiding principals they will carry with them for life. Yes – I said “for life!” We know this to be true because we did a survey and 97% of people say they remember their school mascot, and will remember it for life. The other 3% didn’t have a mascot. If they did, they would have remembered it because it is part of a person’s personal history. It’s part of what makes them who they are. That’s why we say “Once a tiger – ALWAYS a tiger.”

Our school mascot sticks with us for life because it is part of our self-identity; and it was given to us during the formative parts of our life when we are trying to figure out who we are, and how we fit into the social constructs around us.

Unfortunately, to many of us, the main purpose of our mascot was to drum up school spirit and antagonize an opposing team in a competitive sport. Just think of how it might have changed the trajectory of your life if your mascot was associated with a core value like excellence, persistence, resourcefulness, integrity, caring, kindness, respect or responsibility.

Mascot Junction is helping educators repurpose their school mascot to create a more engaging, inclusive and positive learning environment and culture. We have more than 160 kid-friendly mascots and 18,000 illustrations of them we use to custom create posters, banners and signs to help bring your PBIS program to life. Learn more at mascotjunction.com