Sensory Path Stickers

Sensory Path Stickers by Mascot Junction can be customized with your school mascot and your PBIS theme. This way, your students will be reinforcing the positive behaviors of your PBIS program while engaging in physical and sensory activities. Another benefit is integrating the behavior expectations with your school’s culture and climate. When you use your mascot as the central role model for visually demonstrating positive behaviors, student self-relate and engage quickly.

Rope Questâ„¢ Sensory Path Stickers portray a rope bridge with walking planks spaced out. Each plank features one of your targeted behavior expectations along with a picture of your mascot demonstrating the behavior. It’s virtually impossible to hop across the rope bridge without repeating each behavior as you go. Repetition, reinforcement and physical activity all customized with your school’s PBIS acronym and positive behaviors.

See all the Sensory Path Stickers at Each set of sensory path stickers are also die-cut so you don’t have any tedious scissor work to do. Learn more now!

Nature Rope Questâ„¢ Sensory Path Stickers are customized with your mascot and PBIS theme.
Sensory Path Stickers by Mascot Junction are die-cut for easy installation.
Nature Questâ„¢ 1 Sensory Path Stickers feature an exciting lava pit with a tight rope, keyboard keys for learning the alphabet and also letter position on a keyboard, along with action rocks and arrows.