PBIS Posters – New Designs

Bring your PBIS program to life with posters, banners and signs that are customized for your school. Send Mascot Junction your matrix, and we’ll design and print PBIS rules posters for the different areas of your school, along with a full matrix, acronym/theme banners and other items to help you create an engaging school climate around your PBIS program.

School Posters Banners Signs

PBIS posters, banners and signs are custom designed for each school and feature a kid-friendly version of their mascot.

The sample shows features our bulldog mascot, but we also have more than 135 other kid-friendly mascots. See if you can find yours at MascotJunction.com. The kid-friendly mascots are designed for elementary and middle schools. We also have cool/edgy graphic logos for high schools, with older students. Each mascot has clip art sets featuring more than 80 illustrations of the mascot doing activities related to school, sports, holidays, positive behavior and character traits.