Panther Cub Mascot Clip Art

Introducing our new panther cub mascot clip art sets. We customize every image in these sets with your school colors and by putting your school logo, or initials, on the panther cub’s t-shirt. Learn more about the panther cub clip art sets at

Panther Cub Mascot Clip Art Std Set

This panther cub clip art is featured in PBIS posters, banners, signs and other products to help schools promote their PBIS programs.

Panther Cub Mascot Clip Art Behavior Set

The panther cub behavior clip art set features illustrations of the panther mascot demonstrating positive behaviors.

Lion Mascot Logo

Lion Mascot Logo

Our new lion mascot logo is for schools with PBIS programs. The lion graphic is featured on PBIS posters, banners, signs and other items to help schools reinforce positive behavior. Mascot Junction’s original PBIS Roll Out Kits were designed for elementary schools, featuring kid-friendly cartoon mascots. Junior highs and high schools kept asking for something more appropriate for older students, so we are currently developing our “Graphic Mascot” line of products. The lion is our first mascot, and many others are on the drawing board right now. Next up will be a panther, jaguar, cougar, wildcat and bobcat. By the time we’ll be done, there will be over 100 other mascots, including a viking, pirate, knight, eagle, bulldog, blue jay, cardinal and more.

Lion Mascot Logo

We’ll change the color of this lion mascot logo to match your school colors. Then we’ll custom design posters, banners, signs and other products for your school.

PBIS Matrix Posters

PBIS Matrix Posters

PBIS matrix posters feature cartoon illustrations of your school mascot visually demonstrating positive behaviors in different areas of the school. Each matrix poster is customized with your school’s PBIS theme, or acronym. We use your words, your school colors and your school mascot to bring your PBIS matrix to life and make it more engaging. No matter what your mascot is, Mascot Junction can create a matrix that is integrated with your school’s climate. We have more than 100 kid-friendly school mascots, and each one has their own clip art set with more than 80 illustrations of them. Even if you don’t have a mascot, we can design a great matrix for your PBIS program. Some schools just want to use their logo, and in that case, we have illustrations of kids/students demonstrating the positive behaviors. Learn more about PBIS matrix posters at

PBIS Matrix Posters Samples

PBIS matrix posters are customized with your words, your acronym, your colors and your school mascot.

Mascot Christmas Clip Art

Find your mascot and click to get a FREE clip art image of him driving Santa’s sleigh (without the watermark background). If you don’t see your mascot, CLICK HERE to request it. Free from your friends at Mascot Junction! Happy Holiday.


Find your school mascot holiday clip art at and download it for FREE.

New Eagle Mascot Clip Art

Choose from three different eagle mascot clip art collections. Each eagle comes with it’s own 80 image clip art collection featuring the eagle mascot demonstrating positive behaviors. Eagle 1 is kid-friendly, designed specifically for elementary schools. Eagles 2 and 3 are a little more mature looking to be suitable for older students, yet are totally kid-friendly. Each comes with an optional sweater or t-shirt, that can be any color, and we are also glad to put your school’s logo or initials on his chest – featured in all 80 of his clip art illustrations.

Eagle Mascot Clip Art

Each of the three eagle mascots also comes as part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit. These kits include posters, banners, signs and other products to help schools implement their PBIS programs with greater success. Learn more about how you can use your eagle mascot as a role model to teach positive behavior at

Bumper Stickers for PBIS Schools

Get bumper stickers to spread your PBIS program throughout the community. We customize these with YOUR mascot, YOUR colors and YOUR PBIS theme, or whatever you want! This is a new product that’s not yet featured in our catalogs or price lists, so please e-mail for pricing.

Bumper Stickers PBIS School

Use 6″ x 4″ oval bumper stickers bumper stickers to promote your PBIS program throughout your community.




School Poster Design for PBIS Programs

Choose a school poster design that uses your mascot, your logo or cartoon children to visually demonstrate the positive behaviors in your PBIS program. Mascot Junction custom designs these school posters to include your words, your colors and your mascot or logo. These school posters are part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit that also includes banners, signs, t-shirts, award certificates and other visual tools for bringing your PBIS program to life.

School Poster Design Templates

Choose from an array of PBIS Rules Poster templates. Whether you want to use one of our 100 mascots, or use your own mascot or logo, we can design posters that will bring your PBIS program to life.

School Posters for PBIS Schools

Rule posters can be designed to look like a bulletin board featuring your behavioral expectations and a picture of your mascot demonstrating the positive behavior.

Eagle Mascot Gets a Wardrobe Makeover

When we introduce our new eagle mascot, we want to give him a wardrobe makeover. Now he’s wearing a nice sweater featuring your school’s initials on his chest. We change the colors to match your school colors and change the initials to reflect the name of your school. The best part is that all 80 of the illustrations in our eagle’s clip art set feature the custom colors and initials. We use these illustrations to design posters, banners, signs, t-shirts and other items to help bring your PBIS program to life. Learn more about PBIS Roll Out Kits at Mascot Junction.

Eagle Mascot Wearing Sweater

Customize this eagle mascot’s sweater with your school colors and initials.

Eagle Mascot Clip Art Images Custom Colors

The standard clip art set features 40 illustrations of the eagle wearing his custom colored sweater.

Eagle Mascot Clip Art Sweater Colors

The behavior clip art set features 40 illustrations of the eagle mascot wearing his custom colored sweater with your school initials on it.

Viking Mascot Clip Art

See all 80 clip art illustrations of the viking mascot at The Standard Clipart Set feature the viking mascot doing activities related to school, sport or holidays. The Behavior Clipart Set features the viking demonstrating positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety and others.

Viking Mascot Clip Art Illustrations

Viking Mascot Clip Art Illustrations

Viking PRIDE Banner

Viking PRIDE Banner

Viking Mascot Banner PBIS

Viking Mascot Banner PBIS

Choose from two styles of Viking Mascot rules posters for your school’s PBIS program. Posters are customized with YOUR words, YOUR colors and YOUR mascot.