Tiger Mascot Clipart Set

The tiger mascot clipart set includes more than fifty illustrations of the tiger mascot doing activities related to school, sports and holidays. Use the tiger mascot clipart images to create a highly engaging and inclusive school culture.

Tiger Mascot Clipart Illustrations
The kid-friendly tiger mascot clipart is ideal for elementary schools.

The tiger mascot clipart set images come in png format, with clear backgrounds, and are easily used with popular softwares from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Google. Simple place or insert the images like you would any other type of photographic image.

High resolution clipart images are 300 dpi at approximately nine inches by nine inches. These are best used for printed projects where quality is a priority. Low resolution clipart images are 72 dpi (dots per inch) and are best for use on Web sites and electronic presentations, like Powerpoint. The smaller size makes them load faster over the Internet, but the print quality may show pixelization if enlarged too much.

Mascot Junction has a library of reserved tiger clipart images that are used exclusively for creating custom designed posters to support PBIS, SEL and character education programs.