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Custom Designs for Schools

Custom designs help schools express themselves in unique and fun ways. Since mascots aren’t always lions, tigers, and bears, we enjoy creating custom designs for your school’s PBIS theme. Sometimes, logos, symbols, and other unique role models unite schools. At Assabet Valley Collaborative Alternative School, students create a positive school climate under a crown, but though they don’t have a traditional mascot, AVCAS wanted posters and other PBIS themed items for their school. For the AVCAS crowns, we custom designed a poster featuring a student wearing a crown. This PBIS graphic helps explain positive behavioral expectations for the restroom. We also created a visual solution for students and staff at AVCAS.

Custom Designed AVCAS Poster

Custom Designed AVCAS Poster

At Mascot Junction, we can take your role model, mascot, or logo, and create items with your PBIS theme for your students. Decorate your school with Banners, name hallways with Street Signs, offer T-shirts, and more. Every school and student is unique, and Mascot Junction enjoys celebrating everyone’s positive school climate by creating custom solutions for your school. Whether you’re at the elementary, middle, or high school level, we can design products that suit your school’s PBIS program. There is always a solution at Mascot Junction.

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Jaguar Behavior Clipart Set

The Jaguar Clipart Set is now available! Positive Behavior Clipart Sets teach positive character traits to your students while explaining behavioral expectations for various school settings. Show safety in the hallway, encourage sportsmanship, or announce an event like Doughnuts for Dad, all with your mascot serving as the role model for your students. Using this clipart set, we can design posters banners, signs, T-shirts, and more to support your PBIS theme and other character trait programs.

If you love this clipart collection but have another mascot, our positive behavior clipart set is available with 45 different mascots! We can also create custom illustrations for your school’s mascot centric climate.

Positive Behavior Clipart is a fun way to engage with your students while also encouraging them to learn positive behaviors. When students look up to a mascot who shows leadership, respect, and compassion, students will feel as if they are part of a community, and they will work hard to exhibit the same positive character traits the mascot uses in the behavior clipart set.

Check out more examples on our Positive Behavior Clipart page.

PBIS T-shirt Designs

New PBIS t-shirt designs have rolled out at Mascot Junction! Each design is customized with your school’s mascot, your school’s PBIS theme—such as ROAR, SOAR or PAWS—and the words that make up the acronym. At BMS, the tiger mascot reminds students to ROAR with Respect, Organization, Acceptance, and Responsibility.

T-shirts tiger

T-shirts tiger

These customizable t-shirts are a great way to create a mascot centric climate, where every student identifies as the tiger, eagle, bulldog, etc. With a mascot as a role model, students will feel the benefits of being part of a community by wearing matching t-shirts exemplifying their positive school climate. With more than 45 mascots already designed—and thousands of mascot images in our library (all designed by us)—virtually anything is possible. At BMS, the eagle mascot teaches positive behavior traits through SOAR: Safety, Organization, Achievement, and Respect.

T-shirts eagle

T-shirts eagle

T-shirts are available in a wide variety of colors—from royal blue to safety green—and some schools have different colors for each grade level. Our purchasing power allows us to give you great deals on high quality silk-screened t-shirts at a low price. Printing can be front only or front and back. We can also change the mascot and the theme to suit your school’s mascot centric needs. At BMS, the bulldog mascot reminds students of their positive school climate with the PBIS theme of PAWS: Pride, Attitude, Wisdom, and Safety.

T-shirts bulldog

T-shirts bulldog

At your school, customizable t-shirts can teach positive character traits while building a mascot centric climate for your united students to thrive in.

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New Lion Mascot

A new version of our lion mascot will soon be available in all the clipart sets and products we offer! This new version of the lion mascot more closely resembles lion costumes commonly used by schools. If your school uses a costume, our new lion mascot will unite students and staff in a more comprehensive and consistent campaign for creating a mascot centric school climate. Recently, the Longwood Lions incorporated the new lion mascot into their PBIS Program and PBIS Rules Poster, which explained expectations for students during a school assembly.


PBIS Poster Lion Mascot

PBIS Poster Lion Mascot

The Longwood Lions taught positive behavior traits—like safety, respect, and responsibility—with the new lion mascot, and soon, your school will be able to, too.

With the new lion mascot as your school’s role model, you can teach with PBIS Rules Posters, reward students with Gotcha Rewards, have fun with Customized Coloring Sheets, and more. For example products, check out our Lion mascot and Lion Cub mascot. These versions are additional options for the lion mascot at your school, and their customized products will be available with the new lion mascot as well.

Keep an eye out for the new lion mascot and all of the products that come with it.

New Raven Mascot Clipart

Raven Mascot Graphic

This raven mascot is part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit for elementary schools wanting to reinforce their positive behavior program with posters, banners, hallway street signs, gotcha rewards, t-shirts and other visual aids

Introducing our new Raven mascot! While this is our prototype illustration, we are currently designing robust clipart sets for this character. Soon, we’ll have 90 clipart illustrations of the kid-friendly Raven mascot for elementary schools to use as their role model to demonstrate positive characters traits. Create a positive learning climate for your elementary school with our posters, banners and popular hallway street signs. Use Raven Cash to reward students for positive behavior. It’s all part of our mascot-centric approach to school climate creation. Learn more about how you can use your mascot to create a positive learning climate in your school here.

If you wish to see similar illustrations you can expect in the near future, see our Eagle mascot for samples of what’s to come for the Raven mascot.


PBIS clipart showcasing positive behavior

Coming up with ways to show what good behavior actually looks like in a school setting isn’t always easy, but that’s what we specialize in. We give you ways to leverage your school mascot as a role model to demonstrate the positive behaviors articulated in your PBIS program. In the samples below, a star mascot is used, but we have a huge library of PBIS clipart images – more than 45 of the most commonly used mascots. We also do custom illustrations, so you can get exactly what you want, so you can bring your PBIS program to life, and create a new, and engaging climate, that is conducive to learning and social skill development.

Positive Behavior clipart

This clipart was designed to showcase positive behavior in a PBIS program. The star mascot is used as a role model to demonstrate the behavioral expectations.

Our PBIS Roll Out Kits include much more than just clipart though. We provide schools with custom designed and printed posters, banners, street signs, t-shirts, apparel, Gotcha rewards, and more. Everything is adorned with your mascot so you have a cohesive campaign for a vibrant, lively climate.