Custom Designs for Schools

Custom designs help schools express themselves in unique and fun ways. Since mascots aren’t always lions, tigers, and bears, we enjoy creating custom designs for your school’s PBIS theme. Sometimes, logos, symbols, and other unique role models unite schools. At Assabet Valley Collaborative Alternative School, students create a positive school climate under a crown, but though they don’t have a traditional mascot, AVCAS wanted posters and other PBIS themed items for their school. For the AVCAS crowns, we custom designed a poster featuring a student wearing a crown. This PBIS graphic helps explain positive behavioral expectations for the restroom. We also created a visual solution for students and staff at AVCAS.

Custom Designed AVCAS Poster

Custom Designed AVCAS Poster

At Mascot Junction, we can take your role model, mascot, or logo, and create items with your PBIS theme for your students. Decorate your school with Banners, name hallways with Street Signs, offer T-shirts, and more. Every school and student is unique, and Mascot Junction enjoys celebrating everyone’s positive school climate by creating custom solutions for your school. Whether you’re at the elementary, middle, or high school level, we can design products that suit your school’s PBIS program. There is always a solution at Mascot Junction.

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