New Lion Mascot

A new version of our lion mascot will soon be available in all the clipart sets and products we offer! This new version of the lion mascot more closely resembles lion costumes commonly used by schools. If your school uses a costume, our new lion mascot will unite students and staff in a more comprehensive and consistent campaign for creating a mascot centric school climate. Recently, the Longwood Lions incorporated the new lion mascot into their PBIS Program and PBIS Rules Poster, which explained expectations for students during a school assembly.


PBIS Poster Lion Mascot

PBIS Poster Lion Mascot

The Longwood Lions taught positive behavior traits—like safety, respect, and responsibility—with the new lion mascot, and soon, your school will be able to, too.

With the new lion mascot as your school’s role model, you can teach with PBIS Rules Posters, reward students with Gotcha Rewards, have fun with Customized Coloring Sheets, and more. For example products, check out our Lion mascot and Lion Cub mascot. These versions are additional options for the lion mascot at your school, and their customized products will be available with the new lion mascot as well.

Keep an eye out for the new lion mascot and all of the products that come with it.