Jaguar Behavior Clipart Set

The Jaguar Clipart Set is now available! Positive Behavior Clipart Sets teach positive character traits to your students while explaining behavioral expectations for various school settings. Show safety in the hallway, encourage sportsmanship, or announce an event like Doughnuts for Dad, all with your mascot serving as the role model for your students. Using this clipart set, we can design posters banners, signs, T-shirts, and more to support your PBIS theme and other character trait programs.

If you love this clipart collection but have another mascot, our positive behavior clipart set is available with 45 different mascots! We can also create custom illustrations for your school’s mascot centric climate.

Positive Behavior Clipart is a fun way to engage with your students while also encouraging them to learn positive behaviors. When students look up to a mascot who shows leadership, respect, and compassion, students will feel as if they are part of a community, and they will work hard to exhibit the same positive character traits the mascot uses in the behavior clipart set.

Check out more examples on our Positive Behavior Clipart page.