Voice Level Clipart

New voice-level clipart is here! These 5 illustrations portray the different levels/volume of voice they can use in different parts of the school. This sample features our eagle mascot, but soon we’ll have similar illustrations for all 50 of our school mascots. These graphics will appear on all of our Rules Posters, which list the behavioral expectations for different areas of the school like the library, classroom, assemblies, playground, restrooms and more! We are also glad to customize these for schools with just 3 or 4 voice levels in their PBIS program. Learn more about all the products we offer to help you build a mascot-centric climate around your positive behavior program.

Voice Level Graphics PBIS

These graphics represent 5 different voice levels students can use in different areas of the school such as the library, classroom, hallway, restroom, playground and assemblies.