Meet Dave Thompson at APBS Conference

I’m having a great time meeting everyone at the APBS Conference. Thanks for stopping by to see me. Here is a list of links to everything we talked about:

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David Thompson Positive Behavior

David Thompson is the artist and creative force behind PBIS Teaching Tools and the mascot-centric approach to culture creation.

My staff and I have been working feverishly to develop positive behavior clipart sets, and designing matrix posters, theme banners, street signs and much more. You can see it all in our catalog.

Everything is customized with YOUR school mascot. And each school mascot comes in two types of clipart sets. The Standard clipart set features the mascot doing school and sport related activities. The Behavior clipart set features the mascot demonstrating the specific behaviors targeted in your school’s PBIS program. Everything is customized for your school!

Visual examples of positive behavior are effective tools for teaching and reinforcing desired behaviors. Typically, people retain only 10% of written and spoken words, but visuals are remembered 60% of the time. We give you visual ways to convey fairly complex topics such as diversity, anti-bullying, voice level control, respect, responsibility and much more. Children learn by example, and we give you visual examples they can relate to, and embrace, as part of their mascot’s community.

Explore our world of Mascot-Centric Climate Creation today! Download a catalog right now and request your FREE Gotcha Reward printable template.