SOAR Themed Posters

For schools using a SOAR theme and eagle, hawk, falcon, seahawk or raptor mascot, to reinforce their PBIS program, or teach students positive character traits. This catalog contains posters, banners, clipart, signs, student rewards and recognition tools, t-shirts and great ways to leverage your mascot as a role model to demonstrate positive behaviors, and character traits.

SOAR theme posters

This catalog contains posters, banners, signs and other products that schools can use in conjunction with their eagle, falcon, hawk, seahawk, raptor or skyhawk mascot.

All designs are customized with your mascot, your school colors, your theme, your words. This catalog features our eagle mascot for demonstration purposes, but everything you see is easily changed to feature a hawk, falcon, seahawk, skyhawk or raptor.

At the core of the product line is “Behavior Clipart” sets. Each includes 40 illustrations of the mascot demonstrating positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, kindness and safety. These illustrations give you a visual way to show students what these behaviors look like in a school setting. Featured on posters, banners and work sheets, these are an effective tool for reinforcing your theme.

Download the SOAR Theme PBIS Roll Out Kit Catalog here.