PBIS Posters For Climate Transformation

Use your PBIS Posters for climate transformation by including a welcome message that sets the stage for positive behavior expectations, and teaches children how to make good decisions. Using your school mascot as the central figure for school culture transformation is an effective way to get enthusiastic engagement. Every child wants to enjoy social success within the group they self-identify with. The emotional incentives are incredibly powerful. By telling them to “think what a wildcat would do,” before making a decision, you are giving them an easy-to-understand road map for social success. By filling the school with examples of how wildcats demonstrate respect, responsibility, safety, and other positive behaviors, you are providing greater detail for the road map that can serve them well, far into life. Mascot Junction specializes in helping schools use their mascot as a positive behavior role model, and creating a mascot-centric culture that serves as fertile ground for PBIS and character education programs. Products include kid-friendly mascot clip art sets, posters, banners, signs, award certificates, gotcha rewards, t-shirts, mascot costumes and much more. Learn more about PBIS Roll Out Kits at MascotJunction.com.

PBIS Posters Wildcat Mustang Shark

These PBIS Posters feature a welcome message from a Wildcat, Mustang, and Shark mascot.