Branding Your School With PBIS Messaging

School Branding PBIS Schools

School branding for PBIS schools can include a wide array of posters, banners, signs and other visual elements.

Think beyond your logo and school colors when branding your school. Yes, consistent use of color and graphics is important, but branding your school is also a great opportunity to build a strong sense of community, and weave your PBIS initiative into a new, engaging school climate. Using your mascot as the cornerstone of your branding/PBIS program is a solid strategy. Children embrace the concept of being part of the mascot’s community. It’s visual, fun and engaging.

Mascot Junction gives you all the tools you need to create a mascot-centric school climate where every child is immersed in being an eagle, bear, tiger, or whatever your mascot is. Our PBIS Roll Out Kits include posters, banners, signs, award certificates, gotcha rewards and even mascot costumes. Everything in each kit is customized for your school, using information from your PBIS matrix. We also use your school colors for a consistent presentation.

Choose from more than 100 kid-friendly mascots. Each comes in its own clip art sets, including more than 80 illustrations of the mascot doing activities related to school, sports and holidays. The Behavior Clip Art Set features illustrations of the mascot demonstrating positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety and other behaviors commonly used in PBIS and Character Education programs.

Learn more about mascot-centric cultures and explore all the possibilities by visiting right now and downloading a catalog.