PBIS SOAR Matrix Poster For Elementary Schools

SOAR Matrix Poster PBIS

This PBIS Matrix SOAR poster features illustrations of the eagle mascot demonstrating positive behavior in different parts of the school.

Get a PBIS Matrix SOAR Poster like this customized with your school’s rules and behavior expectations. Change the mascot from an eagle to a hawk, falcon, blue jay, cardinal or whatever your mascot is. We also have ROAR Matrix Posters, as well as posters for PAWS, PRIDE and can customize the design to match whatever your school’s PBIS theme is.

All of our posters feature your school mascot visually demonstrating positive behavior. It’s a great way to make your PBIS program more fun, engaging and effective. Choose from more than 100 kid-friendly mascots, or have us design one for you. Each mascot has two clip art sets featuring more than 80 illustrations of the mascot doing activities related to school, sports, holidays or positive behavior. These mascot clip art sets are great for bulletins, posters, newsletters, Web sites and virtually every type of communication.

Give your school a mascot-centric climate, where it means something special to be part of the mascot’s community. PBIS Roll Out Kits make it easy. Each kit includes customized posters, banners, signs, gotcha rewards, award certificates, mascot costumes and even temporary tattoos. Explore all the possibilities at mascotjunction.com