Shark Mascot Clipart Showing Positive Behavior Examples

Introducing shark mascot clipart showing positive behavior examples for schools with PBIS and character education programs. The 40 illustrations feature the kid-friendly shark mascot demonstrating behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety, caring, acceptance, anti-bullying and other commonly taught behaviors.

Shark Clip Art Examples

Shark Clipart represents positive behaviors in PBIS and character education programs.

Mascot Junction also has a Standard Clipart set featuring this kid-friendly shark mascot participating in activities related to school, sports and holidays. Together, both clip art sets give educators a powerful tool for reaching kids and creating a strong sense of community around their shark mascot.

Mascot Junction gives educators the tools they need to create a very engaging school climate, using their mascot as a behavioral role model. We have more than 100 kid-friendly mascots. Each one has more than 80 illustrations in their clipart sets. We use all these illustrations to design and print posters, banners, signs, t-shirts and other items to help teachers truly transform their climate into a highly engaging, immersive and inclusive environment that serves as an outstanding platform for PBIS and character education programs.

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