PBIS Poster used by Macmillan Higher Education

A PBIS Poster was featured in the 5th edition of How Children Develop by Robert S. Siegler. Sold by Macmillan Higher Education, How Children Develop is a widely read textbook, which explains how climate affects children’s education, and PBIS has affected education in a positive way.

PBIS is a school-wide program designed to change a school’s overall climate by reducing negative behaviors while increasing positive ones. Instead of only focusing on punishing bad behavior, students are rewarded for exhibiting positive character traits, and all of these positive character traits are taught by a customized mascot.

Mascot-centric learning is effective and fun. When a role model, such as the Eagle, teaches positive behavior traits through a custom PBIS theme, students are united by a sense of community, and that community naturally creates a positive school climate. Through PBIS mascots and themes, teachers can encourage and explain positive character traits through custom clipart, posters, banners, coloring pages, and more, while students also learn behavioral expectations and rules for every section of the school.


Eagle Poster used by Macmillan Higher Education

Eagle Poster used by Macmillan Higher Education

PBIS is being used in higher education to train the next generation of educators and counselors for students. With a PBIS Roll Out Kit, you can create a positive climate for your school, too. Each PBIS Roll Out Kit is customized with your PBIS program, including your school’s mascot, theme, color, and name. Our online catalogs make it easy for educators to read about our PBIS Roll Out Kits full of ideas for your school, including Behavior Clipart, PBIS Posters, Gotcha Rewards, and more.

We are excited to see PBIS Roll Out Kits continue to make the world a better place, one positive example at a time.

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