Caring Clip Art

These caring clip art images can also be used to portray compassion, kindness, friendliness, being thoughtful and helpful. They are part of the Toons4Biz PBIS expectations clip art series. If your theme, or acronym, includes one of these words, you’ll find these images an effective way to show how this part of your theme looks in a school setting. While these images feature a cougar, we also have the same illustrations featuring many other mascots. If you don’t find your school mascot in our extensive image library, just let us know. We’ll be glad to design similar clip art images feature your school mascot. We also have many other Expectation Clip Art Sets portraying many other words commonly used in PBIS themes.

Caring Compassion Kind Helping-Friendly

These clip art images portray caring, compassion, kindness and being helpful and thoughtful.