This Soaring Higher banner was custom designed for an elementary school that uses our bald eagle mascot. The Principal wanted the words integrity, compassion, determination and gratitude shown on a hot air balloon, floating high over mountains and trees, with the eagle riding in the basket. We also did custom illustrations of the eagle mascot demonstrating their theme words. This was all part of the school’s PBIS program. Under the program, schools need to come up with 3 to 5 visual examples of what their theme words look like in a school setting. Our Expectations Clip Art sets are designed specifically for this purpose. Each includes 3-to-5 illustrations demonstrating a specific word, like “Integrity.” We have a huge library of illustrations featuring many different mascots, representing a wide array of themes commonly used in PBIS programs.

PBIS Soar Banner

This PBIS Soar Banner was custom designed for an elementary school. Choose from one of our standard designs, or have us custom design a banner for you.