Behavior Clip Art

PBIS Behavioral Expectations Clip Art

Toons4biz announces new clip art portraying positive behavioral expectations to support PBIS and similar programs for elementary and middle schools. The clip art features the school mascot acting as a behavioral role model. We have more than 35 mascots already designed, and are glad to custom design one for your school, if we don’t already have what you need. The Behavior Clip Art sets are designed around specific words commonly used in PBIS themes, or acronyms. Each set includes between 3 and 5 illustrations for the specific word. The sample below features our cougar mascot demonstrating “respect.”

behavior clip art

The cougar mascot is demonstrating respect, being polite, patience and manners. The first illustration shows three cougars standing in line respectfully. The second shows three cougars standing in line while holding hula hoops around their waste to demonstrate respecting each others’ personal space. The third illustration shows one cougar waiting his turn before raising his hand. The fourth illustration shows a cougar mascot respecting property by putting a soccer ball away in a rack.

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