Behavior Clipart for Eagle Mascots

We just finished our new behavior clipart set for our eagle mascot. Illustrations include the eagle showing respect for authority figures, embracing diversity, demonstrating leadership, sportsmanship, safe behavior in different parts of the school. There are 40 illustrations in the Eagle Behavior Clipart Set. Be sure to check out the 50 illustrations in the Eagle Standard Clipart Set too.

PBIS Clipart

The Eagle Behavior Clipart set features 40 illustrations of the eagle mascot demonstrating positive behaviors such as respect, responsibility, diversity, anti-bullying and more.

We give you everything you need to build a mascot-centric culture around your eagle (or other mascot). The idea is to use your mascot as a role model to demonstrate what positive behavior looks like in a school setting. You can buy mascot art other places, but we are the only company that designs mascot clipart specifically to support PBIS programs. Our clipart actually shows what positive behavior looks like, and that’s important, because children learn by example – what they see! Learn more by exploring our site!