Mascot Centric PBIS

It’s human nature to act consistently with one’s self-image. A person can fight it, but it’s gravitational pull eventually wins. This phenomenon presents an incredible opportunity for educators to reach students and influence their behavior.

The instant a child says “I am a tiger,” a part of their self-image is altered. They become a member of the tiger community. They have tiger friends. They aspire to enjoy all the benefits of being socially successful within the group. The emotional incentives are very powerful.

Self-identification with a mascot makes it the perfect tool for building an engaging culture.  Tiger rules are more readily embraced and adopted. Positive behavior examples, when visually demonstrated by the tiger, are more apt to be imitated, learned and repeated.

Take control of your mascot and put him to work as a behavioral role model, and the foundation of your new climate! Learn more about the benefits of Mascot-Centric School Culture Creation here.

Mascot Centric Culture for Schools

A mascot-centric climate uses the school mascot as a role model to teach positive behavior.