Eddie the Eagle’s First Day of School

It was Eddie’s first day in school, and while eating lunch in the cafeteria, he saw a girl named Emma drop her tray, and “Ka-blash!” Her lunch spilled everywhere. Rather than get upset, Emma said, “Well, this is a great day to be an eagle,” and began to pick up the mess. A boy named Earl stepped in to help. She smiled, and said “Thanks!”

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Later, while playing at recess, Eddie saw Emma trip and skin her knee. He could tell it hurt, but was surprised by Emma’s reaction. After brushing a tear from her cheek, she said, “This is a great day to be an eagle.” Then a girl named Elaine came up to her and said, “You should get a bandaid on that. Let’s go to the nurse’s office.” Emma smiled and said, “Thanks!”

On the bus ride home, Eddie’s backpack unzipped, and everything fell out. This time Emma stepped in to help pick things up, and as she did, she said, “This a great day to be an eagle!” Eddie responded, “I’ve heard you say that twice today – both times when something bad happened.  Why do you say ‘This is a great day to be an eagle?’”

Emma replied, “Here at (school name), we are all eagles. We have eagle friends, and we all care about each other, and help each other. It’s the eagle way. So no matter what happens, I know I have friends who care, and will help me. That makes every day a great day to be an eagle! Welcome to our school. Isn’t it a great day to be an eagle!”

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About this story: This tale demonstrates the benefit of having a mascot-centric climate in your school, where the mascot serves as a role model for positive behavior.

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Dave Thompson – The Mascot Guy