School Welcome Banners

School welcome banners introduce students to their new mascot-centric school climate. Welcome banners are part of a custom-designed PBIS Roll Out Kit, which also includes posters, signs, gotcha rewards, activity sheets, t-shirts, and other visual aids to teach students positive behavior traits and expectations. Featuring their mascot as a role model, students look to these visual aids daily for direction and encouragement. Seeing a visual representation of positive behavior expectations helps students model their own behavior after a sterling example, which you control – their mascot. We have more than 60 mascots in our clipart library, and each comes with it’s own PBIS Roll Out Kit.

school welcome banners

This school welcome banner is what students will see as they finally become a blue jay, ready to surrender their old habits to the ever so wonderful, kind, and positive role model.

At Belton Elementary, the blue jay mascot welcomes students by congratulating them on becoming a blue jay. This engaging poster teaches students what it means to be a blue jay, and how to participate in the blue jay community in a positive and productive way. When students see a visual representation of their blue jay mascot demonstrating positive behavior, they jump at the opportunity to join in and reap the benefits.

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