Dolphin Mascot PBIS Poster

Introducing our new dolphin mascot and our new PBIS poster design for welcoming students and teaching them about the benefits of being part of the dolphin community. This PBIS poster illustrates how our mascot-centricâ„¢ school climate creation system helps schools build a culture that gives students a clear understanding of the rules, expectations and how to make good decisions. It’s a lesson they can carry with them for life, and it leverages the universal desire to belong to a group and enjoy all the benefits that come with having friends and a support group. It also helps them make good decisions so they can navigate through life with greater ease and success.

PBIS Posters Dolphin Mascot

This PBIS poster features our new dolphin mascot and welcomes students with a message about what it means to be part of the dolphin community.


This PBIS poster is part our one of our PBIS Roll Out Kits which include posters, banners, clipart sets, gotcha rewards, signs, t-shirts and other visual aids to create an engaging school climate, using the school mascot as a role model to visually demonstrate what positive behavior looks like in a school setting.

Whether you have a PBIS, character trait, or similar program, our visual aids can help you build a sense of community and bring students, teachers and administrators together with a common cause and vision.

Learn more about our PBIS Roll Out Kits, and how you can get a poster like this for your school by exploring our site.