Respect, Responsibility, Safety Rules Posters

Teach respect, responsibility and safety with these PBIS Rules Posters. A ram mascot is used to visually demonstrate each positive behavior, but you can choose from 80 other kid-friendly mascots available through Mascot Junction. Each can be featured on PBIS Rules posters like these. There is a poster for each areas of the school, including: cafeteria, hallway, bathroom, library, computer lab, playground, assemblies, pick-up/drop-off area, classroom and bus.

Ram Behavior Expectation Rules Posters

Use your ram mascot to teach positive behavior and reinforce your PBIS program. These ram behavior expectation rules posters are part of a set of 10. Each features a kid-friendly rendition of the ram acting as a positive behavior role model.

Ram Rules Poster

These Ram Rules posters show students what positive behavior looks like in different parts of the school. Use them to create a strong sense of community around being part of the ram community.

Ram PBIS Rules Posters 2

Use these Ram Rules posters to reinforce your PBIS program and show students what positive behavior looks like in different areas of the school.