Infographic For PBIS Launch

Share this PBIS infographic with PBIS committee members so everyone can see many ways to use your school mascot to promote your PBIS program. We make it real easy with our Roll Out Kits. Each is custom built around your PBIS matrix and features your school mascot on everything.

Infographic PBIS

Infographic PBIS

Your mascot is used to actually visually demonstrate what targeted positive behaviors look like in a school setting. Get rules posters for every part of your school, including: hallways, bathroom, classroom, playground, cafeteria, assemblies, before-and-after areas, library and computer lab. Each is customized with the behavior expectations from your matrix. And illustrations of your mascot are used to demonstrate things like washing your hands in the bathroom, respecting authority figures, being caring, honest and much more.

Bring your matrix to life with fun illustrations of your mascot demonstrating targeted behaviors. Let’s face it – who likes to read, when it’s easier to look at pictures! At-a-glance constant reminders help you reinforce the positive behaviors you are trying to teach.

Creating a mascot-centric school climate is very engaging. Take a cougar mascot for example. Everyone has cougar friends, and is part of the cougar community. There are cougar rules and a cougar way of doing things. When a student needs to make a decision, all they have to do is look around them, and ask “what would a cougar do?” They’ll likely make a good choice, get a good result and end up having a good time. It’s the beginning of a very positive learning cycle.