PBIS Posters For Broncos, Colts, Mustangs & Mavericks

Use these Posters to meet the PBIS requirements of posting rules in at least eight of ten areas throughout your school. Each poster is customized with your school mascot, school colors, and the behavior expectations of your PBIS program.

PBIS Posters Assembly Rules Bronco

Use these PBIS Posters to teach students behavior expectations for school assemblies.

PBIS Posters Bus Rules Bronco

Teach students safety and behavior expectations for riding the bus with these PBIS posters.

PBIS Posters Cafeteria Rules Bronco

Meet PBIS requirements by posting rules in different parts of your school.

PBIS Posters Classroom Rules Bronco

Post classroom rules with these PBIS posters.

PBIS Posters Computer Rules Bronco

Put computer lab rules where students can easily read them.

PBIS Posters Hallway Rules Bronco

Reinforce how students should act when in the hallways with these PBIS rules posters.

PBIS Posters Library Rules Bronco

These PBIS library rules posters feature your school mascot showing students how to behave in the library.

PBIS Posters Pick Up Rules Bronco

Teach safety to students and drivers at the school’s pick-up and drop-off areas with these PBIS rules posters.

PBIS Posters Playground Rules Bronco

This playground rules poster features the bronco mascot, but the mascot can easily be changed to your school’s mascot. The rules are also easily changed to match your school’s program.

PBIS Posters Restroom Rules Bronco

Teach students how to be safe, respectful and responsible in the restroom with these PBIS bathroom rules posters.

These posters feature the theme of Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, but the theme can be changed to reflect whatever your school uses. The bumble bee character is also optional, as is the voice level graphic. Basically, we design rules posters for PBIS schools from the ground up. This is just a sample of a very popular design.

We have more than 80 different illustrations of our horse mascot. Many of these images portray positive behavior like honesty, persistence, kindness, respect and other popular positive behaviors. Our horse character can be used as a bronco, colt, mustang, maverick or stallion mascot.

Learn more about Mascot Juntion’s Mascot-Centric approach to PBIS by touring the rest of our site. We make it mean something very special to be part of your Bronco community. Everyone has Bronco friends. There are Bronco rules, and a Bronco way of doing things. It’s a very engaging approach to creating a positive learning culture and climate.