PBIS Cafeteria Rules Posters

Use PBIS Cafeteria Rules Posters to instruct students on behavior expectations while in your school’s cafeteria. Mascot Junction customizes PBIS rules posters to match your school’s PBIS program. Each is customized with your school mascot and school colors. Other rules posters include hallway, classroom, bathroom, assemblies, playground, computer lab, library and pick-up and drop-off areas. Each cafeteria rules poster features your school mascot visually demonstrating the positive behaviors that you want to reinforce, and may also have a voice level graphic. The cartoon bee is optional. In fact, everything can be custom designed so you get exactly what you want. Learn more about PBIS Roll Out Kits that include posters, banners, signs, t-shirts and other items to teach positive behavior at MascotJunction.com.

Wildcat Cafeteria Rules PBIS Posters

Post cafeteria rules in a poster that provides visual examples of what targeted positive behavior looks like in the dining area.

PBIS Posters Cafeteria Rules Bronco

Meet PBIS requirements by posting rules in different parts of your school. This poster was designed for cafeteria rules.

Rules Poster Cafeteria PBIS

This rule poster features behavior expectations for the school cafeteria. The school mascot is used to demonstrate what those behaviors look like in a cafeteria.

PBIS Posters Cardinal CafeteriaRules

Teach your cardinals how to behave properly while in the cafeteria with a rule poster like this.

PBIS Posters Cafeteria Rules Eagle

PBIS cafeteria rules poster for schools with an eagle mascot.