Time To Re-think Your School Mascot

Leading edge educators are re-evaluating the role of school mascots. No longer just an endearing character for drumming up school spirit, mascots are being used as a role model to demonstrate positive behaviors. We give schools the tools they need to create an engaging climate, centered around their mascot – the leader of the student community that kids enthusiastically embrace, follow, and learn from.

PBIS Roll Out Kits include a wide array of visual aids including clipart sets, posters, banners, gotcha rewards and much more.With more than 3,000 illustrations in our image library, we have virtually every mascot covered. If you don’t find yours, just let us know – we’ll be glad to draw the 50 illustrations that go into each of our standard clipart sets, plus custom illustrations demonstrating the specific positive behaviors in your PBIS program. Beyond the clipart illustrations, we will also custom design, print and deliver matrix posters, rules posters, theme banners and everything you need to create a positive learning climate around your PBIS program.

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PBIS Roll Out Kits