School Welcome Banners

Create a new school climate using our Mascot-Centric™culture creation system. These welcome banners show you how easy it is to create a sense of community around your mascot. Read the copy on the banner, and you’ll “get it.” Very simple, and effective. Our PBIS Roll Out Kits include posters, banners, signs, t-shirts and other tools that help you leverage your mascot as a role model to demonstrate positive behaviors. Everything is customized for your school, with your mascot, school colors, PBIS theme, and copy/words. These banners are also available in poster form, and we provide our customers with printable flyer versions so their students can take the message home to their parents, to get everyone on the same page.

Eagle Mascot Banner

Making a student feel as though they are part of a community is a great start towards teaching them social skills. By making the community a mascot-centric group, such as the “Edgewood Eagles,” it becomes very vivid, easy to comprehend, and emotionally enticing. It’s easy for a child to identify as an eagle, or other mascot, and that’s what makes our Mascot-Centric climate creation system so effective. Reading the copy on the banner, and you’ll have a good understanding of what we mean by a Mascot-Centric™ climate.

Blue Jay Theme Banner

This welcome banner tells students what it means to be part of the blue jay community. It tells students about how the school climate works and the benefits of learning the rules to navigate through the social circles with greater ease and success.

Cardinal Mascot Poster

This cardinal banner features a welcome and congratulations message telling students what it means to be part of the Cardinal community at the school. It’s part of the Mascot-Centric climate creation system by Mascot Junction.