School Street Signs

The Wakefield Forest Elementary 6th grade class wanted to leave a gift behind to commemorate their graduation. They wanted to give the school street signs to post throughout the school, but they had a special challenge. Some of the signs would be posted outside, on trailers, and would have to be changed from time-to-time, according to which classes were taught in the trailers. The typical plastic, or styrene signs, wouldn’t hold up to the ultra violet rays of the sun. UV rays can deteriorate certain types of plastic very rapidly. Our solution was to print the signs on laminated aluminum – the same materials used on the higher quality real estate yard signs everywhere. Each was drilled with holes in each corner, so they could be screwed, bolted, or hung by wire. They also wanted one large welcome sign to adorn the outside, front of their building, at the main entrance. Again, the aluminum sign was the perfect solution, giving them the durability, and crisp, bright colors they wanted.

PBIS Street Sign Printing

These street signs are part of a PBIS program and used throughout the school to identify the different classrooms, remind students of behavioral expectations, and create a mascot centric climate, where the wolf mascot is used as a role model for good behavior.