School Poster Design for PBIS Programs

Choose a school poster design that uses your mascot, your logo or cartoon children to visually demonstrate the positive behaviors in your PBIS program. Mascot Junction custom designs these school posters to include your words, your colors and your mascot or logo. These school posters are part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit that also includes banners, signs, t-shirts, award certificates and other visual tools for bringing your PBIS program to life.

School Poster Design Templates

Choose from an array of PBIS Rules Poster templates. Whether you want to use one of our 100 mascots, or use your own mascot or logo, we can design posters that will bring your PBIS program to life.

School Posters for PBIS Schools

Rule posters can be designed to look like a bulletin board featuring your behavioral expectations and a picture of your mascot demonstrating the positive behavior.