Rules Poster for PBIS Schools

These rules posters are designed specifically to support PBIS schools. Each rule poster features the school mascot visually demonstrating what the targeted positive behavior looks like in a specific setting. Each is customized for your school, featuring your rules, your mascot and your school colors. Posters also feature the mascot holding up the appropriate number of fingers to indicate the voice level that applies for the particular part of the school.

Rules Poster Cafeteria PBIS

This rule poster features behavior expectations for the school cafeteria. The school mascot is used to demonstrate what those behaviors look like in a cafeteria.

Rules Poster Restroom PBIS

Restroom Rules Posters are a popular item for PBIS schools. Our bathroom rules posters features a cartoon illustration of the school mascot washing its hands as a visual reminder to students of what’s expected.

Bus Rules Poster PBIS Wildcat Mascot

Teach students how they are expected to behave on the school bus with this rule poster. Each poster is customize with your school mascot, your rules and your school colors.

Rules Poster Assembly PBIS

This PBIS Rules Poster shows students how to behave properly when participating in a school assembly.

Rules Poster Hallway PBIS

Hallway rules posters can be posted in several place throughout your school to help meet the posting requirements of a PBIS program.

Rules Poster Pick Up Drop Off PBIS

Safety can be a huge concern in your school’s pick-up and drop-off area, so posting the rules for students and drivers is a good idea. We suggest posting the rules on one of our A-frame sidewalk signs so you can position the rules out close to the drivers, and in the middle of the pedestrian traffic area.

Rules Poster Playground PBIS

Playground rules and behavior expectations are portrayed on this PBIS Rule Poster.