PBIS Teaching Tools Anniversary

We celebrated 20 years of being in business last Friday, May 13th, and would like to thank everyone who made it possible. The next 20 years will be even bigger and better, as we continue our mission to “make the world a better place one positive example at-a-time.” As educators look for ways to improve school climate, more are turning to us for help in creating a mascot-centric climate – an engaging place where their school mascot is used a role model to visually demonstrate positive behaviors and character traits. At the core of our offering is clipart sets of more than 50 kid-friendly mascots. Our behavior clipart sets feature the school mascot demonstrating positive behaviors in 40 illustrations. We use these illustrations to design, and print, posters, banners, t-shirts, hallway street signs and other visual aids. By using the mascot as the unifying thread that runs through all communications, the school is able to truly create a climate where students self-identify as a tiger, eagle, lion, or whatever their mascot is. They feel welcome, and understand how to socially navigate in a setting where they have tiger friends, tiger rules, a tiger way of doing things, and are part of a tiger community. It’s very visual, and easy to comprehend, and embrace, and participate in.

School Culture Climate Creation

Create a new school climate using a PBIS Roll Out Kit that helps you leverage your school mascot as a role model to demonstrate positive behaviors and character traits.