PBIS Super Star

Use this Super Star mascot to reinforce your PBIS program. Our PBIS Roll Out Kit includes clipart sets, gotcha rewards, posters, banners, street signs and more!

PBIS Star Rollout Kit

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The Behavior Clipart set for the Super Star mascot features the star character demonstrating expectations such as respect, responsibility, safety, kindness, persistence, tolerance, anti-bullying and more.


The Standard Clipart set features the Super Star mascot doing a variety of school, sports and holiday related activities.

PBIS Expectations Posters

Rules posters list the behavioral expectations for different parts of the school and features the Super Star mascot visually demonstrating what those behaviors look like.

PBIS Rules Poster Star 1

Rules posters are customized with the behavioral expectations reflected in your PBIS program.

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Activity sheets give you a great way to reinforce the expectation rules for different parts of your school. They are black and while coloring sheet versions of the rules posters, only the rules don’t appear, so you can have students write them in.

Gotcha Rewards

Download your free Gotcha Reward template that lets you print your own money. Who doesn’t like to print money!!! Use these to “catch” students being good, and reward their behavior. Also shown are Photo Recognition Boards. The small one can be printed yourself. The large one is 18″ x 24″ and laminated so you can use a dry erase marker to change the student of the month.

PBIS Matrix Star Mascot

No one does PBIS Matrix posters like we do. We bring yours to life with illustrations of your mascot demonstrating what the behaviors in each area look like. Without the illustrations, a matrix is a bunch of small type that is not very engaging for young minds.

PBIS Street Signs

Street signs are a great way to reinforce your culture and climate throughout every corner of your school. We customize these with your mascot, and with anything you want to say. We can also make your mascot point in different directions to tell visitors where to go.

PBIS t-shirts

PBIS Super Star t-shirts are a great way to involve students with your positive behavior program. We are glad to customize the design to reflect your PBIS theme.

Positive Behavior Posters

Get PBIS posters and banners here. We custom design, print and deliver banners up to 50 feet wide, featuring your mascot as part of a comprehensive mascot-centric culture creation campaign.

PBIS Calendar

Keep your PBIS program fresh by using a Forever Calendar that allows you to use dry erase markers to change the message, days and month.