PBIS Posters For Restroom, Hallway, Cafeteria, etc.

PBIS Rules Posters are customized with YOUR rules, YOUR PBIS theme, YOUR school colors and feature YOUR school mascot visually demonstrating the positive behavior expectations of your PBIS program. These posters feature our kid-friendly panther mascot, but we also have more than 100 other kid-friendly mascots, so no matter what your school mascot is, we can help you use it to teach positive behavior and make your PBIS program more fun and engaging. Rules posters are often used for the restroom, hallway, cafeteria, classroom, playground, assemblies, pick-up and drop-off area, library, computer lab and bus. Learn more at MascotJunction.com.

PBIS Rule Posters Panther Mascot

These PBIS rules posters feature a panther mascot visually demonstrating positive behaviors in different parts of the school.