PBIS Posters, Banners, Signs at APBS Conference

Dave Thompson, President of Mascot Junction, discusses how schools can use their mascot to teach positive behavior and make their PBIS programs more engaging. Thompson explained, “We need to stop thinking of mascots as simply a tool for promoting school spirit, and start leveraging them as the powerful teaching tool they are. Marketers have been using cartoon characters to reach and influence children for decades. It’s about time we learn a valuable lesson from marketers, and use them to teach. The fact is that children self relate to their school mascot, and the emotional incentives for enjoying social success in the group a child self identifies with, is hard wired and gives educators a very powerful tool for reaching and teaching children.”

PBIS Poster Design Discussion

PBIS poster and banner design was the topic of discussion at the Mascot Junction booth at this year’s APBS Conference in San Diego.

Mascot Junction has more than 100 kid-friendly mascots, and each comes in their own clip art sets, featuring more than 80 illustrations. These illustrations are used to bring the nebulous topics of respect, responsibility, safety and others into clear focus, using a mascot that the child self identifies with.