New Eagle Mascot Clip Art

Choose from three different eagle mascot clip art collections. Each eagle comes with it’s own 80 image clip art collection featuring the eagle mascot demonstrating positive behaviors. Eagle 1 is kid-friendly, designed specifically for elementary schools. Eagles 2 and 3 are a little more mature looking to be suitable for older students, yet are totally kid-friendly. Each comes with an optional sweater or t-shirt, that can be any color, and we are also glad to put your school’s logo or initials on his chest – featured in all 80 of his clip art illustrations.

Eagle Mascot Clip Art

Each of the three eagle mascots also comes as part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit. These kits include posters, banners, signs and other products to help schools implement their PBIS programs with greater success. Learn more about how you can use your eagle mascot as a role model to teach positive behavior at