New Comet Mascot & PBIS Poster

Introducing our new comet mascot as featured on this welcome poster. Soon this little guy is going to have his own PBIS Roll Out Kit, complete with 90 clipart illustrations, posters, banners, signs and t-shirts. Everything you need to create a mascot-centric climate for your school.

PBIS Poster Design

This PBIS poster welcomes students and teaches them what it means to be part of the comet community. It’s a great tool for creating a positive school climate built around a strong community theme.

There will be two clipart sets. The standard set will have 50 illustrations of the comet mascot doing activities related to school, sports and holidays. The behavior clipart set will have 40 illustrations of the comet character demonstrating positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, safety, tolerance, persistence, anti-bullying and other favorable character traits. These illustrations are a great tool for visually demonstrating the expectations taught in your school.