Mountain Lion Mascot

We are modifying our cougar mascot to look like a mountain lion for Lake Arrowhead Elementary in beautiful California. They sent us a photo of their mascot costume, and you can see how we customized the shape of the head and snout to look more like their mascot. We also changed to color.

Mountain Lion Clipart

These three illustrations show the progression of the design as we made modifications to the art to more closely resemble the school’s mascot costume.

When we are done, Lake Arrowhead will have a robust clipart set featuring 50 illustrations of the mountain lion mascot doing a variety of school and sports related activities. They will also have a 40 pose Behavior clipart set showcasing their mascot demontrating the positive behaviors targeted in their PBIS program.

It’s all part of our PBIS Roll Out Kits and our mascot-centric approach to building a positive learning climate. Everything centers around the mascot being featured as a positive behavior role model. In addition to the clipart sets, we also provide schools with posters, banners, street signs, t-shirts, gotcha rewards and a variety of visual aids to help them build a positive climate that’s conducive to learning and building social skills.