Kid-Friendly Mascots for Elementary Schools

See what we can do with YOUR school mascot. We have more than 60 kid-friendly mascots designed for elementary schools with PBIS and character education programs. Each mascot comes in clip art sets with 80 illustrations featuring the mascot as a role model visually demonstrating positive behavior and character traits like respect, responsibility, safety and many more. We use these illustrations to bring your PBIS program to life with engaging posters, banners and signs that make it mean something special to be a lion, tiger, bear, or whatever your mascot is.

Kid friendly mascots elementary school

It means something special when you welcome a student by telling them “Congratulations, you are now a cougar. You have cougar friends and are part of a cougar community. We have cougar rules and a cougar way of doing things, so when it comes time to make a decision, think of what a cougar would do, and you’ll make a good decision, get good results, and have a good time.”

This is what’s known as a mascot-centric school climate. Since the students self-identify as a cougar, it gives educators a powerful tool for influencing their behavior and guiding their attitudes and actions. The emotional incentives for belonging to the group, or community, are built in – human nature. Use the rules to teach them how to succeed inside the group, and you teach them valuable lessons for navigating through life, and ultimately down the path to becoming good citizens.