Eagle Posters

These eagle posters can be customized with your school’s rules and PBIS expectations. We’ll also add your school’s name and use your school’s colors. These PBIS rule posters can also be customized with your school mascot. We have more that 45 mascots in our library, and we’ll be glad to add your mascot, if it’s not already part of our image collection. Buy all nine eagle posters, or just the ones you want.

Eagle Bus Safety Rules Poster

This eagles bus safety poster features a list of rules and behavioral expectations for students when riding on a bus.

Eagles Bathroom Rules Poster PBIS

This bathroom rules poster shows an eagle demonstrating how to properly wash hands after using the washroom. A list of rules can be customized with your school’s rules.

Eagles Rules Poster For Before and After School

This eagle poster shows the rules for before and after school in the waiting area and around school buses.

Eagles PBIS Assembly Rules Poste

This poster shows eagle mascots behaving properly during a school assembly. The rules and behavior expectations during a school assembly are included.

Eagles Cafeteria Rules Poster

Eagle rules for the school cafeteria are articulated in this poster.

Eagles PBIS Classroom Rules Poster

This classroom rules poster features the eagle mascot demonstrating positive behavior.

Eagles poster for hallway rules

This eagle poster lists hallway rules and shows the eagles behaving properly as they stand in line, in a hallway.

Eagle Library Rules Poster

This poster lists library and computer lab rules, and features the eagle mascot demonstrating positive behavior.

Playground Rules Poster for Eagles

This poster lists playground rules for students. It features an eagle mascot demonstrating positive behavior.