Don’t get sued for using a college, or pro team mascot

This small urban school wanted something similar to the Louisville cardinal, but didn’t want to violate their trademark, so they had me design something unique for them. They are planning on having it painted on their gym floor, and buying t-shirts and other apparel with the new logo/mascot on it, so it’s understandable that they don’t want lawyers knocking on their door. Too many schools, and little league teams, think they can use the logo, and/or mascot of professional and college teams, but they do so at great risk! Licensed products are big business to colleges and professional sport teams… and they go to great extents to protect their property – even suing elementary schools. Be safe – get the job done right.


The Louisville Cardinal is a registered trademark of the University of Louisville.

I will write a post about the Royalty Free rights that you purchase for use of our images. Coming soon. Call if you have any questions, or visit and see our terms and conditions. We are very customer friendly. Pay once and use the image for virtually anything you want for YOUR school, but not to be shared with other schools, or little league teams.