Gotcha Rewards

Tiger Cub Cash

Use Tiger Cub Cash to reward students! Designed to look like money, Tiger Cub Cash is a simple and fun way to reward students for positive behavior. Use the template to print your own supply. Our Gotcha Reward templates are just part of our PBIS Roll Out Kits, that also include posters, banners, street signs, and t-shirts and more.

Learn more about using gotcha rewards and our mascot-centric system for school climate creation. Make it mean something special to be a tiger cub! Create an engaging tiger community, where every day is a great day to be a tiger! Everybody has tiger friends. There are tiger rules, and a tiger way of doing things.

Gotcha Reward Money

Use a free or custom template to print your own copies. Free templates include your mascot. Custom-designed templates also include your school name, theme, and expectation words, with a cut-off tracking slip. Both are excellent ways of rewarding students for exhibiting positive behavior traits.

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New Gotcha Rewards: Wildcat Cash!

Reward positive behavior with Gotcha Rewards! Featuring your mascot, Gotcha Rewards look like a dollar bill, and can be printed at your school by using one of our two templates—Free Black & White Photocopy Template or a Customized Black & White Photocopy Template. The Customized Black & White Photocopy Template can feature your school’s PBIS behavioral expectations with a cut-off tracking slip, but all templates are customizable with a variety of mascots. Simply fill out the form on our Gotcha Rewards page for your free template today (and make sure to indicate which mascot you want). If you’d like your Gotcha Rewards customized with your school name and PBIS theme, we’d be happy to design it, too.

Gotcha Rewards Money

Reward students exhibiting positive behavior traits, such as caring, persistence, fairness, and respect with Gotcha Rewards. By rewarding positive behavior, your school encourages a positive climate for all, and your featured mascot serves as the role model who unites everyone in celebrating your positive community.

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