Mascot Centric PBIS

PBIS Roll Out Kit for Naldarett Elementary School

With a customized PBIS Roll Out Kit, Naldarett Elementary School created a positive school climate for their students. The Star mascot serves as the role model for students and as the foundation for a community. Using a PBIS theme of STAR—Strive to do your best, Take responsibility, Always be kind and work together, and Respect everyone and be safe—the Star mascot teaches positive character traits for each section of the school.

Every PBIS Roll Out Kit is customized with YOUR school mascot, theme, rules/expectations, school name, and colors. As an example, Naldrett Elementary School’s Star mascot appears on an array of customized posters, banners, clipart, and other visual aids to unify and direct students in a positive and productive way. In the PBIS Rules Poster below, the Star mascot explains safety at the bus stop, responsibility in the classroom, acceptance in the lunchroom, and more. Each section of the school received their own, specific PBIS Rules Poster as well.


STAR PBIS Rules Poster

STAR PBIS Rules Poster

To decorate and direct, use customized PBIS Street Signs to create a sense of community. Naldrett Elementary School’s Star appears on 26 street signs, including classroom names—such as Library Lane—and positive behavior traits—like Responsible Street. Label each grade and section of the school with a unifying character and PBIS theme. Each 24” x 6” sign is printed on durable plastic (styrene) 3mm thick (approximately 1/8”). In your PBIS Roll Out Kit, your school can customize each sign to say whatever you want, while featuring your mascot around the school.

PBIS Street Signs for Stars

PBIS Street Signs for Stars

For fun, students can color and learn at the same time on custom Coloring Sheets. Naldrett Elementary School’s Star uses nine unique activity sheets to reinforce the rules while creating a positive school climate. Below, you will see three of these, all of which have matching PBIS Rules Posters for those individual sections of the school.


Stars Coloring Sheets

Reward students with Gotcha Rewards! At Naldrett Elementary School, students receive Star Bucks for exhibiting positive character traits, such as honesty, fairness, and generosity. Gotcha Rewards look like a dollar bill, but feature your mascot on the front. Use a template to print your own or order a bulk supply from us—in gorgeous full color!

Gotcha Rewards Star Bucks

Gotcha Rewards Star Bucks

Another way to reward students is with Photo Recognition Boards. These full-color, eye-popping frames can feature a Student of the Month for every class or any student for his or her accomplishments.

Star Photo Recognition Boards

Star Photo Recognition Boards

There is so much a Star can do, which is why Naldarett Elementary School’s Star expresses so many positive character traits through a clipart set. In our two PBIS clipart sets—Standard clipart set and Behavior clipart set—any mascot can teach students an array of positive character traits. The Star, for instance, encourages and explains leadership, respect, anti-bullying, kindness, diversity, integrity, and more to create a positive school climate. This is yet another extension of your PBIS program in our PBIS Roll Out Kits.

Star mascot Positive Behavior Clipart

Star mascot Positive Behavior Clipart

Learn more about PBIS Roll Out Kits today.

The Blue Jay Mascot at Berlin Memorial School

Soren the Blue Jay

Soren the Blue Jay

The Blue Jay mascot at Berlin Memorial School is named Soren, but Soren is much more than just a school mascot. Soren is the central figure and foundation of Berlin Memorial School’s program for creating a positive school climate.

At BMS, the Blue Jay’s PBIS theme is SOAR—Safety, Organization, Achievement, and Respect—and the school asked us to incorporate their pre-designed mascot into our school banners and posters. BMS enjoyed our banner design featuring the Blue Jay mascot riding in a hot air balloon. While their SOAR motto trails out behind it, the BMS theme words can be found on the hot air balloon as Soren soars forward.

Blue Jay SOAR Banner

Blue Jay SOAR Banner

In addition to their banner, we also provided a series of PBIS Rules Posters and Banners for different sections of the school. With a Rules Poster, Soren the Blue Jay explains bus safety.

Bus Safety Banner

Bus Safety Banner

With another Rules Poster, Soren the Blue Jay encourages respectful behavior and organization during a school assembly.

Assemblies Expectations Poster

Assemblies Expectations Poster

With your PBIS Roll Out Kit, your school can also feature an array of posters and other visual aids to create a positive climate for your students. PBIS Roll Out Kit items are customized with YOUR school mascot, PBIS theme, rules/expectations, school name, and colors.

We will create a customized mascot to serve as a role model for the foundation of your positive school climate today.

New Raven Mascot Clipart

Raven Mascot Graphic

This raven mascot is part of a PBIS Roll Out Kit for elementary schools wanting to reinforce their positive behavior program with posters, banners, hallway street signs, gotcha rewards, t-shirts and other visual aids

Introducing our new Raven mascot! While this is our prototype illustration, we are currently designing robust clipart sets for this character. Soon, we’ll have 90 clipart illustrations of the kid-friendly Raven mascot for elementary schools to use as their role model to demonstrate positive characters traits. Create a positive learning climate for your elementary school with our posters, banners and popular hallway street signs. Use Raven Cash to reward students for positive behavior. It’s all part of our mascot-centric approach to school climate creation. Learn more about how you can use your mascot to create a positive learning climate in your school here.

If you wish to see similar illustrations you can expect in the near future, see our Eagle mascot for samples of what’s to come for the Raven mascot.


PBIS Teaching Tools Anniversary

We celebrated 20 years of being in business last Friday, May 13th, and would like to thank everyone who made it possible. The next 20 years will be even bigger and better, as we continue our mission to “make the world a better place one positive example at-a-time.” As educators look for ways to improve school climate, more are turning to us for help in creating a mascot-centric climate – an engaging place where their school mascot is used a role model to visually demonstrate positive behaviors and character traits. At the core of our offering is clipart sets of more than 50 kid-friendly mascots. Our behavior clipart sets feature the school mascot demonstrating positive behaviors in 40 illustrations. We use these illustrations to design, and print, posters, banners, t-shirts, hallway street signs and other visual aids. By using the mascot as the unifying thread that runs through all communications, the school is able to truly create a climate where students self-identify as a tiger, eagle, lion, or whatever their mascot is. They feel welcome, and understand how to socially navigate in a setting where they have tiger friends, tiger rules, a tiger way of doing things, and are part of a tiger community. It’s very visual, and easy to comprehend, and embrace, and participate in.

School Culture Climate Creation

Create a new school climate using a PBIS Roll Out Kit that helps you leverage your school mascot as a role model to demonstrate positive behaviors and character traits.

PAWS Themed Banners

These PAWS themed banners feature our wolf mascot, but can easily feature a lion, tiger, cougar, husky or any mascot with paws. Each is customized with your school’s name, mascot and copy related to your PBIS, or positive character trait program’s theme. These banners are part of our PBIS Roll Out Kits, which also include posters, hallway street signs, t-shirts, mascot clipart sets, gotcha rewards, activity sheets, student recognition awards and virtually everything you need to create an engaging school culture where your mascot is used as a role model to visually demonstrate positive behavior such as respect, responsibility, safety, citizenship, perseverance and many more. Each product is customized around your positive behavior program. We also offer rule, or expectation, posters for each area of the school, such as the restroom, cafeteria, hallways, playground, classrooms and bus. It’s all part of our “Mascot-Centric” approach to building an engaging climate that students readily adopt and self identify with. Learn more about Mascot-Centric climate creation here.

PAWS posters PBIS

These PAWS banner designs can easily be customized with any school mascot that has paws, and for any school that uses PAWS as a theme for the positive behavior program. Get school banners up to 50 feet wide by 16 feet tall to welcome students and introduce them to your school’s PBIS theme.

School Street Signs

The Wakefield Forest Elementary 6th grade class wanted to leave a gift behind to commemorate their graduation. They wanted to give the school street signs to post throughout the school, but they had a special challenge. Some of the signs would be posted outside, on trailers, and would have to be changed from time-to-time, according to which classes were taught in the trailers. The typical plastic, or styrene signs, wouldn’t hold up to the ultra violet rays of the sun. UV rays can deteriorate certain types of plastic very rapidly. Our solution was to print the signs on laminated aluminum – the same materials used on the higher quality real estate yard signs everywhere. Each was drilled with holes in each corner, so they could be screwed, bolted, or hung by wire. They also wanted one large welcome sign to adorn the outside, front of their building, at the main entrance. Again, the aluminum sign was the perfect solution, giving them the durability, and crisp, bright colors they wanted.

PBIS Street Sign Printing

These street signs are part of a PBIS program and used throughout the school to identify the different classrooms, remind students of behavioral expectations, and create a mascot centric climate, where the wolf mascot is used as a role model for good behavior.

Seahawk Clipart

Our new Seahawk clipart set features 40 illustrations of the mascot demonstrating positive behaviors like respect, responsibility, leadership, citizenship, safety, integrity. It’s ideal for reinforcing PBIS and positive character trait programs.  Use the images in bulletins, posters, banners, activity sheets and t-shirts. Our standard Seahawk clipart set has 50 illustrations of the Seahawk doing school, sports and holiday related activities. These images are great for yearbook design and other regular communications with students, teachers, parents and administrators. It’s all part of our system to help you build a mascot-centric climate, where “every day is a great day to be a seahawk!” Our PBIS Roll Out Kits help you create a fun, engaging and enlightening school climate where your seahawk mascot is used as a role model to visually demonstrate positive character traits and targeted behaviors.

Seahawk Graphic Logo

These seahawk mascot illustrations comprise the positive behavior clipart set for this mascot. 40 illustrations showcasing positive behaviors such as integrity, safety, tolerance, respect, responsibility and citizenship.

Falcon Mascot Positive Behavior Clipart

Our new falcon clipart set features the falcon mascot demonstrating positive behaviors in school. Use the clipart to support your PBIS, or other positive behavior programs, in you elementary school. Illustrations portray the falcon demonstrating respect, responsibility, leadership, kindness, acceptance and other positive character traits. This clipart set is part of our Roll Out Kit, which also includes posters, banners, street signs, gotcha rewards, t-shirts and other visual aids to make PBIS implementation fast, easy and engaging for all students.

Falcon PBIS graphics

This falcon mascot clipart set features the falcon demonstrating positive behaviors such as respect, responsibility, organization, kindness, safety and others.

Voice Level Posters

This poster conveys the voice level expectations for students in different parts of the school. We customize these posters with YOUR school mascot, school name, and your description of what the voice level entails. Whether your PBIS program has 3, 4, 5 or 6 voice levels, we can bring your message to life with these engaging designs. These voice level graphics can also be used individually as part of a Rule, Expectation or Character Trait poster. It’s all part of our Positive Behavior Roll Out Kits, which include posters, banners, street signs, gotcha rewards, activity sheets, t-shirts and other visual aids designed to help you build a mascot-centric climate. Since children self-identify with their school mascot, it serves as the perfect communication tool to reaching and teaching them. Learn more about mascot-centric school climate creation here.

Voice Level Clipart Graphics School

We can easily replace the star with your school mascot to produce posters and banners that convey your school’s voice level system

Character Traits Pillars

New poster designs for character traits pillars are customized with your school mascot, and whatever character traits used in your school. We’re currently designing additional “pillar” themed posters, so be sure to visit us frequently to see the latest. Or, if you want something specific, let us know – we’ll be glad to custom design posters for your school. We design, print and deliver directly to your front door.

Character Traits Pillars Poster

This character traits pillar poster is customized with your school mascot and whatever character traits you teach in your school.

Teaching Character Traits in school

This school has 10 character traits they teach to their students, so we designed a poster that featured 10 pillars, one for each trait, and placed their tiger mascot on top, in a reclining position.